Angela Alaura Fowler

Graphic Designer circa 2005

Studied Graphic Design at Academy of Art, San Francisco

Currently a resident of San Diego.

My Graphic Design career has been guided by designing for small businesses that I have a particular passion for. Whether it is yoga studios, gyms, alternative health companies or non-profit foundations, I have been lucky enough to work with people that inspire me and stand for positive change in the world. The best part is the friendships and on-going collaborations with my clients. I am so grateful for the opportunity to use my creativity to earn a buck!


EOD Fudge, Namanaliri, Keto-Beam, Mother Earth’s Elements, Holbrook Candle Co., Copper & Clover, The Spin Den, Zuda Yoga, lululemon athletica - Sacramento, NorCal AIDS Cycle, Midtown Strength & Conditioning, Yoga Across America, The Gathering Place, Tristina Kennedy Yoga, Lorene Davies - Entrepreneur, Rick Bosley - Mortgage Broker